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Colada cult

Colada cult

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Colads Cult 5%


Colada cult is inspired by that most summery cocktail, the piña colada, and is here to bring some liquid sunshine into your glass.


Featuring a hefty dose of pineapple purée, toasted coconut, and desiccated coconut all on top of a rich creamy smoothie sour base this is a beer that delivers tropical vibes in large amounts and gives us all the Caribbean holiday we deserve!


We taste sweet perfectly ripe pineapple with a dose of tropical spices and a heady mouthfeel of toasted  coconut 


Malts: Extra pale malt, Flaked wheat, Flaked oats, Dextrin malt, Dextrose

Hops: Citra

Extras: Pineapple purée, Pineapple juice concentrate, Toasted coconut, Desiccated coconut

Yeast: Philly sour


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