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Disco Pigeon

Disco Pigeon

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Disco Pigeon 8.2%

This pigeon is ready to boogie! 🕺


Disco pigeon is our brand new double IPA, and we’ve turned everything to the max for an all night DIPA fever.


Featuring a hefty dry hop of HBC 1019, one of the USA’s upcoming superstar hops - HBC 1019 gives aromas of peaches and rich coconut cream.

This is complimented by a touch of Citra cryo and Chinook T90, bringing a medley of sweet juicy mango and fresh pink grapefruit to the table.


A bold malt body from Maris Otter brings an unbelievable softness, with oat malt and wheat dropping the beats as you drink it.


Smooth, effortless, a little fruity, and completely original. Unleash your inner Disco Pigeon today! 🪩


Malts: Maris Otter, Flaked oats, Wheat malt


Hops: HBC 1019, Citra cryo, Chinook T90, Hallertau Blanc


Yeast: WHC Saturated

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