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Give the people what they want

Give the people what they want

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Give the people what they want 10.5%


An imperial stout brewed with 9 varieties of malt for a rich complex base stout. But then, what do the people want? Chocolate banana, that’s what! Who are we to deny them…


Heavily modelled after everyone’s favourite chocolate banana candies, this stout is dripping in rich 100% cacao, with extra conditioning on dried bananas, AND banana extract for that sweet candy aroma


We taste chocolate, we taste banana, and somewhere down the bottom of the glass is a killer stout too


Malts: Pilsner malt, Vienna malt, Extra pale malt, Aromatic malt, MRoost 1400MD, Crystal T50, Caramalt, Amber malt, Golden naked oats

Hops: Magnum

Extras: Cacao, Dried bananas, Banana extract

Yeast: Experimental

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